An international and interdisciplinary research network on "gated housing estates as an international phenomenon" was established in 1999 in order to facilitate the exchange of information between academics working in this field.

The first activity of the network was an international workshop 1999 in Hamburg. Several of these papers are published in a theme issue of Environment and Planning B. At the 97th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in New York members of the network presented their research on gated housing estates in Asia, North and South America as well as in Europe.

In 2002 the focus of the network was widened to encompass questions of urban governance on a neighbourhood scale in general: Are more and more cities being split up into privately managed enclaves and a "neglected rest"? What is the economic, social and cultural background of this so-called "fragmentation of the cities"? What consequences can be observed? More than fifty researchers from four continents discussed these topics at the conference on "Private Urban Governance" in Mainz.

The discussion was continued in September 2003 at a conference on "Gated Communities: Building Social Division or Safer Communities" organised by the Department of Urban Studies at Glasgow University and in February 2004 at a symposium "The Privatization of Urban Space" jointly organised by the Universities of New Orleans and Innsbruck. 2005 the network has organised a major international conference: "Territory, Control and Enclosure: the Ecology of Urban Fragmentation" (Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2005, Pretoria, South Africa) followed by the fourth big conference of the network, 5-9 june 2007 at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.The fifth conference took place in early 2009 in Santiago de Chile

Email-list of the network

Books published/edited by members of the network:

Glasze, Georg, Chris Webster & Klaus Frantz (ed. 2006): Private Cities: Global and Local Perspectives.(=Studies in Human Geography). Routledge. London & New York.





Degoutin, Stéphane (2006): Prisonniers volontaires du rêve américain. Paris: éditions de la Villette. With a foreword b